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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  December 3, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EST

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03031,lp=etv%',tt=41505000,lo=511:76][co:ta=001f8fbf][54f0] and then we have rings galore.did look at this underneath.and all of this space for your oversized pieces pretty pieces you want to keep and protect. a place for everything. instead of3 pouches and tangled mass have your jewelry organized the right way. i am so glad we can offer this to you for free shipping and four flex payments. this was debee barker err show to date. >>guest: if have a special person asked that a quick question on6 c1
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mirror. >>guest: >>host: thank you this is, practical presents. [♪ music ♪] [reading] >>host: this is the iron that i own it is the most powerful i have used and i loved it. the opening is large so it will not water all over the place i do not know why they make a small for that. this is the perfect weight you just push this two fingers and let it do the job for you. $49.95 is normally $100 on hsn that 50% off. you look perfect for the holiday season. today is the day to buy it before3 sells out. 1800 watt
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if they do not make them more powerful than that. the lovely darlene cahill will be here with that. let us see tamara hooks cleaned the kitchen and bathroom with her bissell steam shot. you will be able to eat off the floor when she is done. you are getting 2 steamers, you can on and give one way for a gift. we are so smart. tamara hooks will take you through the door of this. this will clean indoor toilet bowl. this whole thing works together as a super bright flashlight each one breaks 43 is an amazing three in one. all that and so much more duringur no. 3 of hsn
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today [♪ music ♪] >>host: as guy yovan and said we will take a very quick look aty's special and has already been very popular. it is supposed to last the day. it will not we can almost guarantee that have picked this up. i did not p that sparkle up it just happens with herkimer is not like a traditional quartz that comes in a traditional our rate of colors. because this is crisp and clear is called herkimer diamonds it has this shine and sparkle in the fire that you would get from a diamond but this is herkimer quartz. i like the way it is cut in a simple to wear earrings. i do not
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want to move it because of that great sparkle but it will continue as you wear them look at the way that will catch the light. this is the piece that islot of money is 2 flex payments $24.95 for a great piece. we also the necklace and bracelet but do not forget about item number 217-396. >>host: welcome back we great ideas in this show. installed --insta bulb it is a great emergency light. you will receive four of them. take this out that he's of off the back and put it anywhere you put your glide all day and citizens alike. no wires or plugs required. think about the areas where you could use some light. i will not spend to get
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electricity light shed in the back yard. on the car these areou can move them from place to place. you will receive four of the insta bulb, if you get ac adapter that will allow this to work when that lyday papayathese ones have been for while it is completely cool cool to the touch and they are shatterproof that are not glass so that will not break on you. >>guest: if you were to hire someone like myself he would 150-$300 for something like this. this is what it takes too hard wire
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a light ball. you need all of these tools, this is only half of them. you do not need any of them i will take that away. >>host: that is money we do not need to spend >>guest: we have adhesives sticky tape on the back that you just peel off and then used ticket where you want to. the neat thing about this is when you put this in a closet usually when you put things in the closet you have things underneath. when the light comes on and of course you can see the coat, what about underneath? you can take this and put it underneath that you can see your and/or issues and the kids' equipment for sports. -- and your shoes. i love out the the id is you can even take it
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out. we had a big storm camefriend moved to new jersey's six months ago she had her insta bulb when her lights went out in new jersey. usually when the lights go out is always at night. at night is when youhe most vulnerable. she had this by her bed now she can walk around.what is different about this than a flashlight the insta bulb provides 360 degree light. a flashlight only gives you a spot light. that is what is nice about this. when you have power most of the time you do receive an ac adapter. so if you did you have
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outlet you can just bet that there. -- it there and then it will de batteries off because it will use your power. when the lights go out can implode it and you haven't >>host: this works on double on double a better race. double 8 batteries batteries. [reading] >>host: savings if it is
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$9.81 in this will be the only airing of the day. this is a place where you will not have a light. electricity if you want to spend hundreds of dollars. but you could do this instead. anywhere where you need light you will have it instantly. -- perfect for the patio area. >>guest: let me show you this cabinet. inside a cabinet. of course you have a live in cabinet -- linen closet a lot of white sheets they
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have different patterns now when i turned the lights on i can see them. in your kitchen cupboard you can just literally stick it on the side. of course you do not want mixture of vitamins and spices to gather diy like myself you will light in the shed. you saw that in the video you can put this with you want it to. >>host: have lowered the light so you can have an idea of how great the light is. much light is in there. that is a lot of light. we will show you all 3 lit up together. this is not a night light it is a real light and
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love. you can see inside and it is also of >>guest: it is really nice, absolutely is. i brought things up from underneath my sink have everything that is able to be >>host: under my kitchen sink i have double and triple of triple compact4 why do i need all i have more combat than i do in the sky >>host: >>guest: you do not want to get mixed up so put a light on it.if you are a do-it-vyourself for what is wonderful about this is you can get your tools in the air. -- in there
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>>host: is such a great idea and over 1000 people have picked this up. you will get all four of the lights. think about the places where you need light. you need it and leave the cabinet and it is shatterproof so do not worry if you drop it. i wouldhundred easy-care honor i'd love it in my pantry area -- i would use this in the3 kitchen, the shad without electricity eye mauve is using a flashlight there it would be perfect for that. about aid dimly lit about camping? take this to the 10th when you have to use the facilities in the middle of the night you can take your insta bulb get >>host: from california
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>>caller: just picked: thank you >>guest: >>host: thank you 1-866-376-8255 for getting you be using this for >>caller: my son and i see 16 we just moved in and the previous owners had a nice area but extra room under the stairs to make it a bigger pantry but they did not plant any light and air. i can store my extra pot and pans but i do not have to hire an electrician now or call in there with a flashlight. i can stick that out and my son does not have to electrocute himself. >>host:vanother thing that we love about this is safe. these are both on and looked at me they do not get hot. you do you know how hot a traditional like bobbie? >>caller: i do
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because i just changed 1 -- how a traditional light bulb is? >>host: thank you 1-866-376-8255 >>host: thank youg out so early >>caller: i have had bad elegies so i am not getting much sleep >>host: i hope you feel better. have a good day. she does move in a new who was $200 to spend on electrician? >>guest: not going to go into my attic without this. you can take this out of the holster and what it to where you are. there is usually a light to the attic but for some reason you have everything in the back of the attic. you can take
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this with you. >>host: you can take it with you it is super bright, butit will stay cool and it is not dangerous. >>guest: i will be back tomorrow >>host: is the only visit of the day but never have information on the spot light. [♪ music ♪] >>host: in the spotlight on what to tell you about what these the smartest way to shop with the hsn card or mastercard. we did have great benefits like savings and flex payment. no annual fee so that makes it can just apply in when you are approved you can save $20 on your first purchase using your bread to hsn card. check out for all the details of the smartest way to shop at hsn. of course you know for grate jewelry like
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designer gallery from colleen lopez [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i am excited by this product because i own this.i got my de'longhi turbo iron about three months ago. i love my at other iron its appeal long time to get over losing the other one. this 1800 watt of power is as powerful as it gets. my favorite feature is the steam and has
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a huge water tank and a very large opening to put the water in. is very hard to put the water and but not this one. it has eight cord. automatic shut off. it has an anti calcium feature. this is $100 iron at hsn but if you get it today it is half-price $49.95. you will never see power this is titanium and ceramic. the weight of the iron is perfect. just use to figures it will do the work. look >>guest: at the horizontal steam that is pouring out. this has a breakthrough of italian design it will give you steam of epic. do all types of fabric chiffon, et taffeta, stretch and
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knit, denim, silk wool cotton. all seasons of your wardrobe. that is as the horizontal steam >>host: look at that professional quality look. sold that is that about quantities. i am telling you that you will love this island >>guest: this will rot your wardrobe world as you watch the wrinkles fall away >>host: -- rock yourt world. i iron this water i am wearing now. this has more steam than my other idea and that i paid three times more 4. >>guest: this iron
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has been written up and has won at the latest in some of the worlding some magazine.3 have that and ceramic plate watch the effort list glide move. you have an easy clean that. the frame distribution and temperature is up to 500 degrees that is incredible. to 300 degrees and you will have patchy spots. with this you had even heat distribution. even the most difficult fabrics like this linen this >>host: looks like a
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nightmare! look at this thing man >>guest:lie under an iron them yourself and get all the wrinkles even if if it was wen >>host: does did that in 10 seconds live which one would you rather wear to work? we are very busy as the use express ordering we are closing out 11,000 irons and a moment. crab is why you can. it is hard to be excited by an iron but when you have an eye and that works is like a vacuum that works when you buy something that makes a tough job easy you will enjoy it. never take it down i have to use it every day. i look forward to using it because i know i will get the
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spitting of water. no waiting for it to heat up. i have steam in less than one minute with my eye and. >>guest: easy reliable, but intelligent, and reliable it is a class act in every sense of the word. this is a silk blouse little bit of lycra knit, you would be afraid to die and that -- you would be afraid to iron >>host: this bite proof you cannot make a mistake with this. -- guy proof. is no rubber gasket >>host: indoor this in so simply. you have 13 oz water tank. i just put the
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lid on that is as simple it stock for a mile lassiter and fell in and i was never able to get it out again. -- stopper fell and i will not have to worry about that >>guest: you do not worry about the run temperature this will guide you especially with the indicator light. this is also reliable you will not have to worry about water spending on your clothes and antiqued calcium -- tauilk top. >>host: i will hold
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that out for you at the rental side. darlene cahill is speeding through this because we only have a limited died >>guest: like instant gratification you will receive that with the do not have to worry about burning, up melt-in your sequins oror other embellishments you will be able to steam & and not worry about it discoloring or being distorted. now we are ready for the holiday season and we can wear our sequins13 something as simple as the stretch the beat live in everyday. you do not want to look like you just jump out of a duffel bag on the weekends, you will
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have a nice look on the weekends with his iron you will not have to run up your electric bill. eight minutes after you leave this standing upright after it it tips over it it will automatically shut off. >>host: buttons such a pain, they get stuck. look how easy you can maneuver but a round >>guest: this 8 3.95 bounce 3.95ounce gives you the way to help
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you i and. it goes right over the pocket this is a cotton shirt typically a nightmare to iron but not with the de'longhi. i love my the lundy it has taken center stage in my sewing shop. --my de'longhi >>host: vpercent of the price to not be left out. how many times do you need an iron? especially during the holidays. now is the right time to get it. the signed a letter to four years. this -- iron will last year's 300 baud in the last few minutes i suggest you get early. 2 flex payments c13 less than $25 to get this home.
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>>guest: if you demand the best you have a cushioned comfort grip and 8 swivel cord for free movement you will not feel like you are tethered to the wall. you can i hear both sides of c13 pants at the same time for an amazing priests --you can i earn both sought you can iron sides for a perfect crease >>host: this ironing is the way it is a substantial iron3 can iron with two fingers on the board ceramic is a dense material and also will give you the
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power that you need. you can reach from 6 ft. away with the part of steam13 >>guest: wish we could use this to get the wrinkles away from the neck output [laughter] you could use this for the drapery is you have 3 harness 60 degree rotating cord, but you have an anti calcium not anti drip, automatic shut off built-in cleaning mechanism. this is jam packed with features including an anti dripping feature. >>host: you ever seen this much and an iron? steam is everything when it comes to an iron you'd need the power. you need the extra wattage, you will not get the same, from a 1200 watt. we have about
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one minute remaining on this and then we have to move on. this is 50% half off the price we will not be able to keep these this is the final for the season. fabric >>guest: all the cord silk, rayon gommage denim, taffeta paw lace goblets sat in, out linen, all the fabrics of your life this will be irreplaceable thank youin 90 seconds this will be ready to vertically make europe wrinkles meltaway. regardless of what type of the fabric there will be no


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